Conductor Lieven Maertens

Lieven Maertens started his musical studies at the Academy of Music in Kortrijk. At the age of 14, he entered the Royal College of Music in Ghent, whilst continuing to receive a full classical education.

During his time at college he received several first prizes (for trombone, amongst others) and a Higher Diploma in Chamber Music. During this time, he also studied conducting with Guy Duyk.

As a trombone player, he had the opportunity to work with musicians like Frederik Devreese, Ferdinand Terby, Jean Jakus and Theo Mertens, culminating in 1979 with Lieven participating in the International Music Contest in Genève.

In his professional career, he is a member of the Royal Navy Band and also active as a teacher at the Academy for Music at Veurne.

His first steps as a conductor were with the "Koninklijke Volksharmonie Sint-Jozef" from Menen. In 1982 he took over the Conductorship of the Kortrijk Brass Band and accomplished many National and International successes. He also received the opportunity to work with many accomplished musicians from the British Brass Band tradition.

In 1990, he became the conductor at the "Koninklijke Harmonie Sint-Cecilia" from Kruishoutem, and in 1991 the "Koninklijke Harmonie Onder Ons" from Wervik.

In 1990, Lieven also received the First Prize for conducting at the Royal College of Music in Brussels from Jan Segers.

Lieven also participated in a Masterclass with Brassband Limburg (from the Netherlands) at Maastricht, under the guidance of Richard Evans (a highly accomplished English conductor). He also followed the international course for conductors (1992) in Kerkrade (the Netherlands). This course was lead by Col. Arnold D. Gabriël (USA), and gave Lieven the opportunity to work with the Orchestra of the Conservatoire from Maastricht and the Band of the Royal Navy of the Netherlands.